Big Brother Canada 2: Who is the Final Houseguest? #FinalHG

Big Brother Canada 2 Final Houseguest
Who is BBCan's Final Cast Member?
We know who 14 of the Big Brother Canada Season 2 houseguests are, but who is the 15th, the FINAL houseguest?

#BBCan2 is keeping it a secret from us, and we won't find out who that person is until the premiere date of March 5, 2014. So, Big Brother fans, any guesses on WHO the final houseguest will be?

Of course it could be a former Big Brother houseguest, from BBCan or possibly even BBUS. If it is, I would guess that they would only be in the house temporarily. How cool would it be if the final houseguest was a Big Brother blogger/online personality? A famous Canadian? An ANIMAL?! Could be. I always love when they have a pet in the house.

Any other guesses?

There will most likely be some kind of twist right from the get-go; and like last season, someone will be going home week 1.

Use hashtag #FINALHG to hear what people are saying about the final houseguest on Twitter!

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