Big Brother Canada Season 2 Cast Revealed Wednesday! #BBCan2

Big Brother Canada 2 Cast 2014 Revealed
BBCan2 Cast Revealed THIS WEEK!
Rumor has it the Big Brother Canada Season 2 cast will be revealed this Wednesday, February 26, 2014, just one week before #BBCan2 (<-- official hashtag) premieres.

On Monday Big Brother Canada released photos of the new house and it's gorgeous. If only one day the BBUS house would be as impressive.

I cannot wait to see who the new cast members are because doing that "first impressions" blog is always a kick, even though my first impressions aren't always spot on.

I'll be glued to social media to pass on more information as it's available. Big Brother Canada Season 2 premieres March 5, 2014.

UPDATE: This rumor has been confirmed, the #BBCan2 cast will be announced Wednesday!

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