Big Brother Canada: Adel Elseri's Invention, the"Tongue2Teeth"

Big Brother Canada Adel Elseri Tongue2Teeth
Adel's Tongue2Teeth invention is kinda kinky lookin'.
We know that Big Brother Canada's Adel Elseri is an inventor, but what sort of things does he invent?

I poked around and could only find one invention of his; the "Tongue2Teeth," a hands-free, disposable, tooth cleaning gadget worn on the tongue. Adel says he is a freak about oral hygiene, and came up with his invention while stuck in traffic.

Would you buy it?

Adel Elseri Tongue2Teeth Invention
Oh, baby.
Adel Elseri's 'Tongue2Teeth' on Health Matters, Global Edmonton:

This other segment (below), on Good Day Sacramento, is awesome. The on-air personalities had a blast making tongue jokes...

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