Big Brother Canada 2 Cast First Impressions Blog!

It's that time of year again ... the time when I/we get to rip on the fresh meat!

The Big Brother Canada Season 2 cast was announced today, and now that we know who they are (except for the FINAL houseguest), we can base our first impressions on their bios as well as the superficial things like their looks, wardrobe choice and smile.

For the first impressions I'll use the same criteria as always:

  • Who do they remind me of?
  • What should their nickname be?
  • What are they 'most likely' to do?

So let's get to it, shall we?
(Update: Keep in mind these were done before I saw their videos.)

Big Brother Canada Adel Elseri

Adel Elseri: 27/Welder

First Impression Big Brother CanadaReminds me of: Adam Sandler and Vin Diesel's lovechild.
Nickname: "Bird chest"
Most Likely To: Kill endurance comps, align with the other alpha males.
Notes: Says he can't read or write well, so he's probably street smart, but not book smart. So don't expect him to win memory comps.

Big Brother Canada 2 Andrew Gordon

Andrew Gordon: 27/Restaurant Manager

Big Brother 12 LaneReminds me of: A bald Lane (BB12).
Nickname: "Bulldog"
Most Likely To: Have a temper, be controlling, aggressive.
Notes: His tie is too short (a pet peeve of mine) and he has a beer tattoo on his chest. That should speak volumes.

Big Brother Canada 2 Anick Gervais

Anick Gervais: 28/Reiki Master

Big Brother Cast Impressions 2014
Reminds me of: Anne Hathaway, with hair.
Nickname: "Sybil"
Most Likely To: Have multiple personalities, be paranoid, and an outcast.
Notes: She says she will meditate while in the house, asking "the universe" for guidance.

Big Brother Canada 2 Arlie Shaban

Arlie Shaban: 25, Unemployed

Reminds me of: Alfalfa from Our Gang
Nickname: "Eddie Haskell"
Most Likely To: Be the one who's always two steps ahead, knows how to stroke egos.
Notes: This guy has studied past winner's strategies.

Big Brother Canada 2 Heather Decksheimer

Heather Decksheimer: 23/Model Agency Coordinator

Big Brother Canada Season 2 First Impressions 2014Reminds me of: Jerri Blank and Britney Spears' lovechild
Nickname: "Princess Fivehead"
Most Likely To: Be uber high maintenance, an avid eye roller.
Notes: Says she is going to play dumb, but I wonder if that really means she's going to pretend to be smart?

Big Brother Canada 2 Ika Wong

Ika Wong: 29/Hair Stylist

Big Brother Canada Topaz BradyReminds me of: Topaz, duh. They could be sisters.
Nickname: "Snappy"
Most Likely To: Be the boss bitch, not put up with your sh*t.
Notes: She says she wears her emotions on her sleeve, which equals DRAMA in the BB house. Yay.

Big Brother Canada 2 Jon Pardy

Jon Pardy: 23/Student


Reminds me of: A young Judge Reinhold
Nickname: "Cardi-Pardy" (He's wearing a fricking cardigan!)
Most Likely To: Be socially awkward, make too many alliances at once.
Notes: Could be the first dude voted out.

Big Brother Canada 2 Kenny Brain

Kenny Brain: 25/Model

Survivor Matt Bischoff
Reminds me of: Survivor Caramoan's Matt Bischoff
Nickname: "Babe Lincoln"
Most Likely To: Spend more time grooming than the females, be bitchy.
Notes: I'd like to see what he really looks like underneath all that hair. Prediction: He'll get bored one day and shave it.

Big Brother Canada 2 Kyle Shore

Kyle Shore: 24/Personal Trainer

Reminds me of: A douchebag.
Nickname: "Jersey Shore"
Most Likely To: Get caught beatin' meat in the shower, not have a clue what's really going on in the house.
Notes: Dude lives in his mom's basement. Really.

Big Brother Canada 2 Neda Kalantar

Neda Kalantar: 22/Stylist

Reminds me of: Aneal and Liza's lovechild.
Nickname: "Rapunzel"
Most Likely To: Be opinionated, sometimes bordering on uptight.
Notes: Says she is very "blunt," if she can't keep her mouth shut she'll go early.

Big Brother Canada 2 Paul Jackson

Paul Jackson: 42/Motivational Speaker

Smiling Buddha
Reminds me of: Smiling Buddha.
Nickname: "Nibbles"
Most Likely To: Be the Peacemaker, everyone's BFF, a non-threat.
Notes: He says he bites his nails a lot. Feeders, prepare to be grossed out.

Big Brother Canada 2 Rachelle Diamond

Rachelle Diamond: 22/Student

BB Love Child 
Reminds me of: Jillian and Paula Cole's lovechild.
Nickname: "Maxine Megahorn"
Most Likely To: Blame it on the alcohol, show boobs.
Notes: Says she's loud, but not obnoxious. She's lying.

Big Brother Canada 2 Sabrina Abbate

Sabrina Abbate: 25/Hair Stylist, Makeup Artist

Big Brother Canada 2 Houseguests Cast
Reminds me of: A Kardashian/Zuckerman love child.
Nickname: "Sabby The Butcher"
Most Likely To: Go from 0-60 in a single second, bang pots and pans when pissed.
Notes: Has already admitted she'll be the devil if on slop.

Big Brother Canada 2 Sarah Miller

Sarah Miller: 32/Mortgage Broker

Reminds me of: An Olympic Swimmer
Nickname: "Sneaks"
Most Likely To: Be a floater, the swing vote, everyone's friend, chain smoker.
Notes: She says she likes to scare people by hiding then popping out at them.

There you have it! My Big Brother Canada 2 first impressions! Which do you agree with or disagree with? Who is your favorite so far?

(In the US and want to watch the Big Brother Canada live feeds and episodes? Here's the deets!)

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