Big Brother Canada 2 SPOILER: Is Contessa, A Drag Queen, The Final HG?

Big Brother Canada 2 Drag Queen Contessa
Big Brother Canada 2 Final HG? Drag Queen Contessa!
Rumor has it, a drag queen is the 'Final Houseguest' on Big Brother Canada Season 2!

Canada's revealed that Scott Bosse, better known as Contessa,  flew to Toronto last week to join the cast. He was told to bring regular clothes, and 'Contessa' attire, so perhaps even he doesn't really know what's going on.

All evidence of Scott/ Contessa's social media pages have disappeared into thin air, as has he.

Frank Magazine says Nova Scotia's Big Brother Canada fans will be thrilled to know they have someone to root for besides Kyle Shore, who just reeks of douchiness:

"For Nova Scotian fans, this revelation provides a spark of hope that perhaps we'll have someone else to cheer for other than cocky, self professed ladies' man/mother's basement-dweller Kyle Shore of Porter's Lake, the only current representative of Nova Scotia."

Scott Bosse, a.k.a. Contessa, runs The Cosmic Drag Queen Bingo for various charities and has been entertaining for more than 15-years.

I hope this spoiler is spot-on!

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