Big Brother Canada Season 2 Cast Announced! #BBCan2

Big Brother Canada Cast Season 2 Houseguests 2014
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Big Brother Canada and Slice have announced the cast for BBCan Season 2, so finally we know who we'll be watching for the next couple of months!

Big Brother Canada 2 Cast Complete
The 14 cast members of Big Brother Canada: Season 2!
Here's a quick cast rundown of the new Big Brother Canada cast. Names, ages, occupations and three words they use to describe themselves:

Adel Elseri: 27, Welder, "The. People’s. Champ."  
Andrew Gordon: 27, Restaurant Manager,  "Outgoing, energetic, and intense." 
Anick Gervais: 28, Reiki Master, "Eclectic, outgoing, and spiritual." 
Arlie Shaban: 25, Unemployed, "Passionate, energetic, and conniving." 
Heather Decksheimer: 23, Model Agency Coordinator, "Fun, outgoing, and bubbly." 
Ika Wong: 29, Hair Stylist, "Extra, witty, and charming." 
Jon Pardy: 23, Student, "Fun, energetic, and goofy." 
Kenny Brain: 25, Model, "Ambitious, confident, and intelligent." 
Kyle Shore:  24, Personal Trainer, "Jacked, charming, and athletic." 
Neda Kalantar: 23, Stylist, "Blunt, sassy, and clumsy." 
Paul Jackson: 43, Motivational Speaker, "Analytical, funny, and creative." 
Rachelle Diamond: 20, Student, "Loud, talkative, and funny." 
Sabrina Abbate: 25, Hairdresser, "Fun, big-hearted, and big-mouthed." 
Sarah Miller: 32, Mortgage Broker, "Fun, outgoing, and kind."
One final houseguest has yet to be announced. (Who do you think it is?)

UPDATE: Here are your SECRET 3 in the WAR ROOM! One will be voted into the house!

Stay tuned, I am working on my "first impressions" blog as we speak. If you missed it, here are some pics of the new BBCan 2 house, and if you're wondering how to watch the Big Brother Canada 2 live feeds & episodes in the US, I got you covered there as well!

#BBCan2 premieres March 5, 2014, are you ready?

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