Big Brother 13's Adam Poch Is the 'Bacon Minister'!

Bacon Minister Adam Poch of Big Brother 13
Adam Poch will marry you in the name of bacon!
Every Big Brother fan knows which former houseguest loves bacon more than any other - it's Adam Poch, right? But who knew Adam was an ordained 'Bacon Minister' who officiates weddings?

Last week Adam performed two wedding ceremonies at Iowa's Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival. He's also going to marry one of his good friends later this year in October.

Adam told me being the Bacon Minister is "just a hobby," for now, but that he is keeping his options open. "Just like in BB house, you've got to look at all your options and figure out the best path to get further in the game/life!" he said.

Adam posted a photo of himself on Twitter last week, showing off his Bacon Minster robe:

Adam is getting quite a bit of exposure from his Blue Ribbon Bacon Festival experience, and he's been featured in a number of publications and online websites.

People Magazine: A ‘Bacon Minister’ Is a Real Job — And He’s Already Performed Two Weddings 
TIME Magazine: Two Couples Tie the Knot at the Most Romantic Event on Earth: A Bacon Festival 
BuzzFeed: Two Bacon-Loving Couples Went Whole Hog And Got Hitched At A Bacon Festival

If you are interested in hiring Adam Poch as your Bacon Minster, give him a shout on Twitter. If you coax him with enough bacon, he might just be your officiant...

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