Survivor Cagayan Season 28: List of Cast Twitter Accounts

Are you a huge Survivor fan? Love mixing it up with castaways on Twitter? Here's a list of Survivor Season 28 Twitter cast accounts for you to follow before the season begins on February 26, 2014.

I can't seem to locate a few of their Twitter accounts, if they have one, so if you know something I don't, give me a heads up in the comments and I'll update the article.

Survivor 28 Cagayan Cast
Survivor 28: BRAINS
BRAINS TRIBE (LUZON) Twitter Accounts:

David Samson, 45: (No Twitter account?)
Garrett Adelstein, 27: @GarrettAdelstei
J'Tia Taylor, 31: @JTiaPhD
Kass McQuillen, 41: @KassMcQ
Spencer Bledsloe, 21: @SpencerBGM
Tasha Fox, 37: @missfoxytasha

Survivor Season 28 Cast Cagayan
Survivor 28: BEAUTY
BEAUTY TRIBE (SOLANA) Twitter Accounts:

Alexis Maxwell, 21: @alexis_maxwell
Bryce Johnston, 27: @BriceIzyah
Jefra Bland, 22: @JefraBland
Jeremiah Wood, 34: @JeremiahPWood
LJ McKanas, 34: @LJMcKanas
Morgan McLeod, 21: @_morganmcleod

Survivor Cagayan Cast Season 28
Survivor 28: BRAWN
BRAWN TRIBE (APARRI) Twitter Accounts:

Cliff Robinson, 46: @UncleCliffy30
Lindsey Ogle, 29: (No Twitter account?)
Sarah Lacina, 29: @sarahlacina
Tony Vlachos, 39: (No Twitter account?)
Trish Hegarty, 48: @TrishHegarty
Yung 'Woo' Hwang, 29: @YungWoo23

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