Robyn Kass' Do's & Don'ts For Making Big Brother Audition Tapes

Robyn Kass Big Brother Casting Advice
Robyn Kass gives audition advice to reality TV fans
Big Brother casting director Robyn Kass gets asked all the time, 'Do you have any advice/tips for making a Big Brother audition tape?' So she finally made a YouTube video with a list of her 'Do's and Don'ts' for making a great Reality TV casting video.

Robyn made her video informative yet fun, with appearances by numerous former Big Brother houseguests including Rachel Reilly, Elissa Reilly, Amanda Zuckerman, Hayden Moss, Dr. Will Kirby, Matt Hoffman, Britney Haynes, Dani Donato, Andy Herren, Jeff Schroeder, Janelle Pierzina, Mike Boogie and a ton of others.

In essence, this is Robyn Kass' audition tape advice:

  • Know the show you are auditioning for, make your tape specific for that show.
  • Know who you want to portray when you make your tape.
  • Make it natural, don't try too hard.
  • Look your best, show some enthusiasm.
  • Review your video multiple times over to ensure correct lighting, angle, etc. 
  • Don't say you ARE something, BE it!
  • Don't read a script.
  • Don't give the producers advice, or give what you think are brilliant show "ideas".
  • Don't dance and sing for the camera or perform stupid human tricks.
  • Don't make your video somewhere you have to whisper, or scream.
  • Don't say you're sweet but bitchy, or that people love or hate you.

Big Brother 16 casting should begin around the first of March, so get practicing for your audition videos now!

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