Opposite Worlds: New Reality Show Begins With a Bang

Opposite Worlds SyFy Reality Show
Opposite Worlds: Season One has lots of potential.
Yesterday I received a tweet about a new reality show premiering, Opposite Worlds, on the SYFY channel (which I admit, I never watch). Come to find out everyone was talking about it, and somehow I hadn't heard a thing. I set the DVR and didn't expect much. When the east coast started tweeting about it (3 hours before I could watch), they had me intrigued. Reality fans were loving it, and I did too.

The premise of Opposite Worlds in a nutshell: Two sets of players are placed in two different environments and they battle it out for control, one player ultimately wins $100K.

One environment is a posh, futuristic, technologically advanced house, kind of reminiscent of the ABC's Glass House. Everything is crisp, shiny, new. They even have iPads, and the cast members can take pics and post them to the internet.

The other environment is a cave. A cold cave with no conveniences whatsoever. To make matters worse, producers put the cast members in skimpy caveman clothes, so they are freezing. They have to poop in a hole, eat stale bread and carrots, and they have to learn to make their own fire. I don't think this group was expecting to go on Survivor, so it took them forever to light the flint.

Opposite Worlds Reality Show 2014
Opposite Worlds: Season One, Episode One
They catch? The environments are separated by glass, so they are forced to watch each other living in their opposite world. The cave dwellers obviously got screwed in this deal.

The two groups then meet in the front yard and duke it in various challenges.

Social media is also involved on Opposite Worlds, and the public get to vote on important game changing events. Who has control, and what punishments players will receive, are two examples.

There is a popularity index, which shows the current popularity rankings of players, based on real-time tweets. It's always changing.

Tasers - or what would you call them, cattle prods? - were used in a challenge  where players tried to knock each other off a platform, while shocking one another. Amazing!

The challenges on Opposite World are legit as there were serious injuries on the very first episode. I think one guy, a cave dweller, broke his leg during the taser challenge (thanks to a cheap shot from one of the posh side's douchebags.)

Hopefully the rest of the season can back up the premiere episode. 

Did you miss Opposite Worlds premiere on SyFy? Watch it here online.

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