Michele Noonan Ross, Husband Arrested For Legal Medical Marijuana

Michele Noonan Ross Arrested Marijuana
Michele and Todd Ross
Big Brother's Michele Noonan Ross and her husband Todd were arrested last summer in Los Angeles for possessing legally obtained medicinal marijuana.

Michele and Todd were arrested for possessing a small amount of medical marijuana after LAPD searched their home (explanation below). The marijuana was possessed legally and it sounds like LAPD illegally conducted the search. Michele says not only do her and Todd have to go to trial, they are also being harassed by an LAPD police officer.

Michele has set up a GoFundMe account to help with the financial hardships this case has caused, and to hire a reputable attorney. From Michele's GoFundMe page:

Help us beat our case and stand up for patient rights! LAPD arrested my husband Todd & I in our home for medical marijuana we are legally allowed to have as patients in the state of California.
LAPD raided our home without a search warrant, claiming they received a 911 call about someone breaking inside our home in July 2013. After a search without our consent, including opening of locked items and cupboards, they discovered a small personal amount of marijuana tincture. We were arrested even though what we had was legal under California law. After spending two days in jail, we have continued to be harassed by one rogue officer that claimed he wanted us to be homeless because marijuana is illegal federally.
We have been represented by public defenders but our case has had been one botched court date after another until additional charges were added this last court date. Our courthouse is hours away from our house (moved to East LA from downtown LA), creating a hardship for us. Our case should have been dismissed months ago. Instead, we are going to trial.

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