CBB 2014: Liz Jones Fourth Evicted, Says Lee and Casey Have Kissed

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Liz Jones
To the surprise of everyone watching Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Liz Jones made it nearly three weeks inside the house without being evicted.

Today was Liz's last day in the house as she was evicted by the public, chosen over controversial Jim, and boring Sam.

Liz revealed to CBB host Emma Willis that she is relieved to be out of the house, and she adds that she believes there are still sparks between Casey Batchelor and Lee Ryan

"I do believe they kissed off-camera," Liz Jones on Casey & Lee

In the meantime, Jasmine Waltz, second evicted, called into Celebrity Big Brother's Bit on the Side Tuesday, and was asked if a relationship with Lee will blossom outside of the house. She seemed apprehensive to answer the question, but didn't exactly seem hopeful, or even remotely interested.

However, Jasmine must care, because she lashed out at Casey on Twitter after Tuesday's episode where Casey is rambling on about being horny, while offering to give Lee, uh, oral pleasure.

Who do you want to win Celebrity Big Brother 2014? Right now I'm thinking the Top 3 will be Ollie, Luisa and Dappy....you?

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