CBB: Lee's Song "Ruled by the Moon" Named After Jasmine's Tattoo

Celebrity Big Brother Lee And Jasmine
Lee Ryan's song 'Ruled by the Moon' inspired by Jasmine
Earlier this week on Celebrity Big Brother 2014, the housemates' talents were showcased, and Lee Ryan wrote a beautiful song to perform for them.

Lee's song, "Ruled by the Moon," was quite beautiful and moving. But who knew the song was named after a tattoo that Jasmine Waltz has on her wrist? It's true. Jasmine posted a pic of her tattoo, which explains the song's title.

So it seems Lee is still thinking about Jasmine, and this may have been a way for him to reach out to her while he's still in the CBB house.

Ruled by the Moon's lyrics:

12 stars fallen from the sky
Trying to survive
While they're watching you
And these games
Games they make you play
Change from day to day
Someone's gotta lose
Sometimes I feel I got too much to lose
Time's overdue
And I found a friend in you
And we're ruled, ruled by the moon

Watch Lee's performance on YouTube at 18:00.

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