Celebrity Big Brother: Jasmine Gets Naked, Drunk On Night One

Jasmine Waltz Naked Celebrity Big Brother
Jasmine Waltz of Celebrity Big Brother 2014
Jasmine Waltz most certainly waltzed her way into the Celebrity Big Brother house, now didn't she?

On the very first night in the house, Jasmine got drunk on champagne, flashed her braless boobs a couple times, fell down (without spilling her drink), and talked about every orifice of the body. "Fingerbang each other, YES!" she blurted out at one point, completely out of the blue.

She was a trainwreck, and Big Brother fans LOVED every minute of it!

Jasmine Waltz Celebrity Big Brother 2014
Jasmine's drunk 'fingerbanging' comment upsets Lionel
Jasmine obviously likes her booze, and she's reality TV gold when drunk. But poor Sam, having to be handcuffed to Jasmine when she's drunk off her ass.

Jasmine Fingerbang Comment CBB 2014
The boys' facial expressions after Jasmine's comment
Sam was very patient and kind to Jasmine, whereas Lionel (right) wants nothing to do with Jasmine or her drunk antics, and he certainly doesn't want to talk about fingerbanging.

You can tell who the entertainment of the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house is going to be, Jasmine Waltz! BB, please keep the alcohol coming at a steady pace, this season is sure to be a wild one!

[Watch CBB 2014 Episode 2]

Do you love or hate Jasmine so far?

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