"I'm Back!" Jasmine Waltz Re-Enters the Celebrity Big Brother House

Jasmine Waltz Confronts Lee And Casey
Jasmine confronts Lee and Casey in the CBB house
Jasmine Waltz returned to the Celebrity Big Brother house this weekend, confronting both Casey Batchelor and Lee Ryan for their flirtatious ways after her departure.

"I'm baaaack!" Jasmine announced as she stormed her way back into the CBB house. Everyone's eyes popped out of their heads. Except Lee. I think his huevos shriveled up.

Jasmine returns to the CBB house, stuns everyone
"Hi guys! How ya guys doing?" Jasmine asked in a syrupy sweet voice.

"I missed you all. Hi Casey. I have a few things to say to you, obviously. When Lee and I got together, he told me that he really, really liked me, and always confessed that he liked you as a friend."

"As soon as I left you found it, you know, prime opportunity to completely throw yourself at him. It's quite embarrassing actually, how you've done that, because he did express that he really liked me, so you intentionally and deliberately went out to hurt me."   - Jasmine Waltz to Casey Batchelor

"I've been having to sit at home and watch this everyday as you throw it in my face, and I know you thought that I threw it in your face but I've seen everything."

Celebrity Big Brother Jasmine Waltz 2014
Jim, frozen in the bedroom, listens in to Jasmine's ranting
"Putting your tits on his face and saying how horny you are, please cuddle me and I can't wait to have sex with you when you get out of here, just a lot of intentionally hurtful things."

Jasmine Returns to CBB House
Lee listens to Jasmine rip into Casey
"And YOU!" Jasmine makes her way over to Lee. "Are you aware of all the things you said to me? You know what you said, the whole world knows what you said."

Lee responds even though Big Brother has instructed the housemates to "freeze" during intruder visits.

"We're friends."

"Who's friends?" asks Jasmine.

"Me and Casey."

"Mm-hmm. That's why you were in the bathroom with her last night? Making out with her?"

"No, I wasn't.

"I watched it. I just watched it."

"We've been affectionate as friends. Nothing else," he maintained.

Casey Batchelor Celebrity Big Brother 2014
Casey cries to Jim
After the blowout Casey was a wreck. She cried and wore her sunglasses in the house to hide her tears. Jim, who is like a father figure to Casey, talked with her afterwards and asked why she's listening to anything Jasmine says. He tells her she's acted much classier than Jasmine.

Later there was a surprise eviction with hostess Emma Willis entering the house as an intruder and announcing that Lee had been evicted from the house. He seemed excited. He probably can't wait to go leap into Jasmine's bed. She'll use and abuse him then head back to L.A. without him.

Watch the entire episode here

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