Celebrity Big Brother: Jasmine Waltz and Lee Ryan Hook Up

Celebrity Big Brother 2014 Lee Jasmine Sex
Lee and Jasmine under covers in the UFO
Even though it seemed a romance was going to bloom between Lee and Casey, it fizzled out quicker than it began.

Lee has proven himself to be a nasty little "player" in the Celebrity Big Brother house. He led Casey to believe he liked her, copped a feel on those tig ol' bitties, made out with her, was denied sex, then became disinterested.

To be fair, Lee let us know he was instantly attracted to Jasmine, and preferred her over Casey. But silly me, I thought Lee and Casey were actually forming a genuine relationship last week.

Lee and Jasmine Celebrity Big Brother 2014
Lee talks about Jasmine
Lee opened up to Liz about his feelings about Jasmine, and disclosed that he is strongly attracted to her.

"She's my type. I love girls who are a bit damaged." - Lee on Jasmine

Most predators do.

Ugh, I can't stand him. He might have to voice of an angel, but he looks like a catfish to me.

So anyhow, I think Jasmine and Lee had sex in the bathroom on DAY 4. This is after Lee and Casey fooled around, and after Jasmine fooled around with Dappy (pretty sure they had sex, too)  & Louisa. Cripes, it's worse than Big Brother 15!


CBB Jasmine and Lee
Lee and "damaged" Jasmine
Jasmine Waltz is reality TV gold, but girlfriend is also pretty dirty. She and Lee should make a lovely pair.

Casey, you are better off, sister.

[Watch Celebrity Big Brother 2014, January 7th Episode]

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