GinaMarie and Amanda Get Pulled Over By Cop Who is a BB Fan

GinaMarie Amanda Cop Car
BB15's bad girls in the cop car
Big Brother 15's GinaMarie Zimmerman and Amanda Zuckerman were cruising around NY in GinaMarie's new green Mustang when they were pulled over by a cop.

Amanda pulled out her phone to record it, and caught everything on video.

The cop tells GinaMarie he pulled her over because she was doing 65 in a 40-mph zone. She finds that hard to believe, but is courteous to the police officer. He takes her information and returns to his car. GinaMarie and Amanda have a good laugh, and they assume GM is about to get a ticket. Her first speeding ticket ever.

When the cop returns, he says he recognized her from Big Brother, or something to that effect. GinaMarie erupts with laughter and says, "No, come on! You're such a d*ck! I f***ing hate you!"

I double-dog dare YOU to ever say that to a cop. Heh.

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