Celebrity Big Brother: Lee Ryan's Ex Embarrassed by His Behavior

Lee Ryan On Celebrity Big Brother 2014
Lee Ryan's sexuality in the CBB house angers his ex-wife
Lee Ryan's actions in the Celebrity Big Brother house have caused much embarrassment and shame for his ex-wife and baby mama, Sammi Miller.

Miller spoke with The Sun about Lee Ryan's hookups with both Casey and Jasmine, and she says his behavior has been disappointing, to say the least. She says that before the show, Lee told their 5-year-old son, Rain, to watch him on TV if he missed him. Sammi says no way in hell that is going to happen.

“What kind of father tells his five-year-old to watch him on TV and then behaves like a porn star?" - Sammi on Lee Ryan's CBB behavior.

Sammi says she is humiliated knowing that other parents at her son's school watch Celebrity Big Brother. She also dished that during her 7-year relationship with Lee he cheated on her multiple times (not shocking), and was a mean drunk.

Lee Ryan, who cries a lot for a man, will certainly be crying once he leaves the CBB house. My guess is once he is nominated the public will vote his ass out with a quickness. He's already getting death threats on Twitter (yes, BB fans in the UK are crazy too) and he's not even out of the house yet.

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