CBB 2014: Jasmine Waltz Second Evicted!

Celebrity Big Brother's Jasmine Evicted
Celebrity Big Brother 2014's bad girl, Jasmine evicted
In a somewhat shocking eviction Wednesday night, Jasmine Waltz was the second evicted housemate on Celebrity Big Brother 2014.

I say "somewhat" because I thought the public would vote out Liz Jones before Jasmine, but I also knew they had a distaste for her due to her steamy relationship with Lee Ryan.

Was Jasmine an annoying exhibitionist, a brat, a foul-mouthed, messy drunk? Sometimes, yes. But was she the entertainment of the house? Totally. And I'm going to miss her.

"I'll be shocked if I go out tonight." - Jasmine at 2:46pm, the day of her eviction

The following are snippets taken from Jasmine Waltz's eviction interview with Emma.
Just like I thought, Jasmine is going to break Lee's heart. She was never serious about him. Silly little boy bander.

Emma: "Is anything going to progress [with Lee] outside of the house?" 
Jasmine: "I don't know, I honestly don't know. I can't really predict..." 
Emma: "Would you like anything to happen?" 
Jasmine: "Yeah, I mean, I'm sure we'll see each other when he gets out. I just really can't predict the future, I don't really ... I have no idea." 
Emma: "Are you worried that Casey might go there again, and secondly, are you worried Lee might be tempted?" 
Jasmine: "I wouldn't really put it past him, at this point, I mean, you just don't know. It was wishy-washy in the beginning, and you just never know."

CBB Jasmine Evicted
Emma grills Jasmine about taking Lee to the toilet
Emma: "What happened in the toilet in the spaceship?" 
Jasmine: "Nothing! I mean, we were like, kissing and stuff, we were just like, running away." 
Emma: "Jim said, 'It was like whisking an omelet,' ... the sound." 
Jasmine: "He [Jim] walked in, and he [Lee] was brushing his teeth. I was going to the bathroom, and we were in there and then he came out and was like, 'I came down, and her underwear [was] around her ankles,' and I was like, 'well, I was going to the bathroom!' ... He was blowing a lot of that out of proportion, to be funny."

So yeah. Jasmine is claiming she and Lee were just in there doing their regular hygiene routines. You know what that means, right? They totally did it.

[Watch Jasmine Waltz's eviction on Celebrity Big Brother 2014]

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