Celebrity Big Brother BOTS: Lionel and Jasmine Fight!

Lionel Blair Jasmine Waltz CBB BOTS
Lionel Blair tells Jasmine off during CBB BOTS
On Celebrity Big Brother's BOTS Saturday, Rylan Clarke was joined by former housemates Lionel Blair (evicted Friday) and Jasmine Waltz.

As you know, Lionel was extremely aggravated with Jasmine's foul mouth, drunken nip slips and constant screaming, and Jasmine was annoyed by Lionel's behind-the-back bashing of her.

Lionel rolls his eyes after Jasmine calls him "mean"
The two battled it out on the show, and besides forgetting her name, Lionel told Jasmine off.

Jasmine asked Lionel why he didn't say things to her face. He responds by saying he didn't know her well enough yet. They continue on, and Jasmine keeps grilling him about "being honest" with her. Lionel finally is.

 "Alright, I'll be honest. You drove me up the f***ing wall!" -Lionel to Jasmine on BOTS
Then he gave her the stink eye.

The BOTS crowd went wild with cheers.

Watch Lionel tear into Jasmine on Celebrity Big Brother's BOTS below, begin around 17:00.

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