Candice Stewart Speaks Out: Supports Reality Rally

Candice Stewart Speaks Out About Racism
Big Brother 15's Candice Stewart 
As I wrote the other day, Reality Rally banned certain Big Brother 15 cast members from attending their charity event in order to protect their image.

Fans of Amanda and GinaMarie cried foul, while other reality fans backed Reality Rally's choice.

Big Brother 15's Candice Stewart is siding with the charity, and she wasn't afraid to tweet about it.

She wrote:
"It seems that Aaryn, GM, and Amanda have forgotten the racist remarks they made to insult not only me but an entire "Race" during this past season of BB15. Dearest Dolls -- you are not invited to events because of YOUR behavior. I have remained quiet but attacking Helen, Elissa, charities, twitter accounts unacceptable.
People/organizations are entitled to their opinions just as you guys were when you voiced your racism publicly for the world to see.
Proverbs 22:8 Whoever sows injustice will reap calamity, and the rod of his fury will fail. In case you forgot what you have sowed I have included the footage of your behavior for everyone including you guys to see."
Candice posted the message along with a video of BB15 houseguests talking mad sh*t about her (remember the Aunt Jemima comment?).

GM has responded on Twitter saying she loves her entire BB family. Aaryn and Amanda have yet to respond.

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