Big Brother Australia Winner Tim Dormer's Wacky eBay Auction

Big Brother Australia Tim Dormer eBay
BBAU's Tim is selling is TEEF!
And you thought former BBUS houseguests had some weird eBay auctions, check this one out!

Big Brother Australia winner (2013) Tim Dormer has put his his wisdom teeth up for bid on the popular auction site. As I write this, there is still one week left to bid, and the bidding is already at $4050 (AU Dollar), which is more than $3000 USD.

In Tim's usual quirky fashion, he writes:
"I just had both my upper wisdom teeth removed and I thought it would be wild to see what I could get for them! They are a pretty good size...And I wore them the night I famously won Big Brother last year.  
They've been washed and cleaned by my dentist, but I'm pretty sure there's still little bits of me attached if any mad scientist wants to clone me from my DNA, go ahead! Or maybe you want to make a creepy necklace, or even perform some voodoo spell. Totally up to you, you will own a piece of me!"

Would you pay that much money for anyone's teeth? Oh well, good for Tim, if some sucker will pay it, why not?

Tim's wisdom teeth
UPDATE: I haven't even published this post yet, and the eBay bidding has jumped to $15,500 AUD ($13,650 USD). With 6 days to go, this one might make Tim more money than he made on Big Brother Australia. Cripes. WTF is some creeperton going to DO with these!? I don't even wanna know...

UPDATE 2: The eBay listing has been removed, most likely to bidders inflating the price. (?) I wonder if the teeth will be re-listed?

UPDATE 3: Tim says his auction was pulled for the following reason:
See Tim's eBay Auction here.

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