Big Brother 16 Mentioned During CBS Press Tour 2014

Big Brother 16 Houseguests Press Tour
Nina Tassler of CBS answers Big Brother questions
On Wednesday, CBS Entertainment President Nina Tassler sat with reporters, writers and media to discuss a myriad of topics involving the network during the TCA press tour.

Someone at live-blogged the event, and it seems there were some questions about Big Brother.

The press wanted to know about Big Brother 15 and the racism. Yep, everyone is still talking about it. They also wanted to know why Aaryn Gries was the only one called out for it on the show. And finally, will Big Brother 16 casting be any different?

Here are some live-blogging notes, thanks to HitFix:
9:27 a.m. A good question [from the press] about the increasingly dumb and mean contestants on "Big Brother." Did they learn any lessons? And will next summer be any different? 
"I was mortified by the comments that Aryn made and we also have to look at last summer as this sort of confluence of events," Tassler says, somehow tying "Big Brother" in with Trayvon Martin and Paula Dean. 
She repeats, however, that "Big Brother" is a social experiment and that the whole point is taking people from disparate backgrounds ... "At the end of the day, we felt that the producers handled it responsibly, dealt with it as well as they could," she says. "This is that show and it is a social experiment," she repeats.  
9:29 a.m. More on "Big Brother" bigotry. Why was Aryn scapegoated last season? 
"When a conversation makes its way into story, that is when it makes it onto air," she says. And... again... it's a social experiment. And... again... she felt that the producers handled it well. 
And a third straight question about "Big Brother" asks about what the future will hold. Might they look for a different type of contestant? "I think you always try and look for a disparate group where you will get story, where you will have conflict, where you will create opportunities for alliances to be formed," she says. She admits that sometimes people behave differently in their interviews. 

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