Top 10 OMG Moments Of Big Brother 15

Big Brother 15 was chock full of 'OMG Moments' in 2013, so many, in fact, that we could probably compile a Top 100 OMG Moments list from the show.

Okay, so I might be stretching it a bit, but there were a ton of crazy fights, lots of controversy and numerous actions that warranted apologies when the show ended. My list might be different than yours would be, so if you think I am missing something, add it in the comments below.

Top 10 OMG Moments from Big Brother 15 (2013)

Aaryn Gries Eyebrows Big Brother 15

10. Aaryn's eyebrows: Aaryn must have gotten ahold of her first eyebrow pencil while in the Big Brother 15 house. Watching her draw her eyebrows on was like watching a 5-year-old learning to write.

Big Brother 15 Howard Amanda Sexual Harassment

9. Howard/Amanda Mystery Comment: Howard whispered something to Amanda in the kitchen and she later told Judd he sexually harassed her. The conversation was unable to be heard on the live feeds, but it sparked a war between BB fans who either thought Howard was guilty of saying lewd things, or that Amanda exaggerated the conversation for game play.

8. Jeremy's Ass Wipe: Early in the game Elissa was a target being as she was Rachel's sister. Jeremy decided he hated her so much that he actually grabbed her hat (unbeknownst to her), pulled down his pants and wiped his butt with it. What an asshat.

Amanda GinaMarie Fight Big Brother 15

7. Amanda/ GinaMarie Fight: One of the best fights of the season was between GinaMarie and Amanda, in the kitchen. GinaMarie attacked Amanda, calling her "medicated," saying she had a "coke problem," and slept with a different guy every week. It was a nasty fight. Amanda also bit back, sarcastically joking that GM and Nick would get married, and saying GM's single because she's "nuts."

Big Brother 15 Disclaimer

6. The Disclaimer: For the first season ever, thanks to Aaryn Gries and her racial "jokes," Big Brother 15's live feeds came with a pop-up disclaimer. Every time you logged on, the disclaimer would pop up. It read: "Big Brother is a reality show about a group of people who have no privacy 24/7. At times, the Houseguests may reveal prejudices and other beliefs that CBS does not condone. Views or opinions expressed by a Houseguest are those of the individuals speaking and do not represent the views or opinions of CBS. Viewer discretion is advised."

Big Brother GinaMarie Candice Adoption Fight

5. Candice's Eviction Speech:  The night of Candice's eviction was drama filled. Candice lashed out at GinaMarie for her derogatory remarks and a catfight ensued. "You're psycho for carrying around a boy's hat who would NEVER like you in real life!" GinaMarie and Candice screeched over one another, causing Chenbot to act as a referee. After Candice's eviction, GinaMarie followed her to the front door saying, "At least my mom likes me, not like yours!"

GinaMarie Nick Obsession Big Brother

4. GinaMarie's obsession w/Nick: It became clear early on in the Big Brother 15 season that GinaMarie was smitten by Nick. And although Nick told BB that he and GinaMarie cried together and had a special bond, the "showmance" was a no-mance. But that didn't stop GinaMarie's obsession, nor did it stop Nick from leading her on for a couple of months after the show's finale.

Big Brother Spencer Bad Joke

3. Spencer's Bad Joke: It was the tasteless joke made by Spencer that lit the interwebs on fire in August. Spencer whispered into McCrae's unoccupied microphone saying McCrae liked child pornography. Most viewers didn't laugh, instead they were shocked that someone could make light of such a serious subject.

Aaryn Gries Racism On Big Brother 15

2. Aaryn's Racism: Before the second episode of Big Brother even aired, we heard the first of many racial comments made by Aaryn. On June 30, Aaryn was heard saying on the live feeds that Helen, an Asian houseguest, should, "shut up and go make some rice." Then, not even two weeks later, was the infamous "Whatchu gonna do gurl?" fight between Aaryn and Candice.

Julie Chen Confronts Aaryn Gries Racism

1. Julie Chen Confronts Aaryn: Perhaps the biggest 'OMG Moment' of Big Brother 15 was Aaryn's exit interview with Julie. The crowd gasped and booed as Aaryn attempted to defend herself, blaming her racial comments on being a Southerner. Julie pulled no punches, saying, "Let me just read back a few of the things you said..." then she mentioned the rice, the Candice in the dark comment, and calling Andy "queer." Aaryn apologized, but said she didn't remember saying any of those things. The crowd erupted with jeers, and I'm pretty sure they would have thrown tomatoes had they been available.

What do YOU think was the biggest 'OMG Moment' of Big Brother 15?

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