Amazing Race All-Stars: Mark and Bopper Not Running Together

Amazing Race All Stars Mark And Bopper
Amazing Race All-Stars Cast 2014
Thanks to @MissCleo_BB15, we learned awhile back that Mark & Bopper wouldn't be running together on The Amazing Race All-Stars. Instead, a friend named Mallory would be taking Bopper's place.

Now that The Amazing Race has announced the official cast with Mark and Bopper included,  you may be shaking your head as to why Bopper is named as a part of the All-Stars cast.

@MissCleo_BB15 explained on Twitter (Twitlonger):

FYI: if you've been following my #AmazingRace spoilers, you may be wondering why Mark & *Bopper* are listed as one of the teams, even though we all know that Mallory, not Bopper, is Mark's partner this season. So what's the deal? It's all just a stunt. You can expect to LOL at the spectacle they're going to make during the premiere about the SHOCKING news: OMG BOPPER'S SICK & HAD TO PULL OUT! OH NOEZ! WHAT DO WE DO? (Cue the racers: pretend to look shocked, everyone!) "Look! Mallory is here to save the day! We have a TEAM KENTUCKY! HOORAY!" It's all fake drama, the racers all knew ahead of time, but they had to act like Phil was breaking the "game-changing" news to them at the starting line. I predicted a while ago that CBS would tease this heavily in the promos leading up to the premiere, and it's looking like I'm right based on the press release today ("one team doesn't even make it to the starting line!"). Please.

So there ya go.

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