Adam Poch Is The Victim of Credit Card Fraud in Hoboken

Don't mess with Adam's bacon...or his credit card.
There is nothing I hate more than thieves, and nothing outrages me more than falling a victim to one.

Last October, Big Brother 13's Adam Poch had the misfortune of having his credit card stolen as he visited Cadillac Cantina in Hoboken, N.J.

At the beginning of the night, Adam gave his credit card to a bartender to start a tab. Pretty usual protocol at a bar. However, during his time there, an employee stole his credit card and bought $600 of merchandise at a nearby store.

Adam warned other locals to check their bank statements:

I spoke with Adam and he says his money was refunded by his bank and a police report has been filed.

Hopefully they catch the loser, and hopefully Cadillac Cantina makes it right with Adam. It's been a couple/few months and they still haven't attempted to. Lame.

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