Aaryn Gries Offended by Evander Holyfield's Gay Remarks

Big Brother Aaryn Gries Evander Holyfield Gay
Aaryn says Evander is "ignorant"
My, isn't this the pot calling the kettle black?

Big Brother 15's Aaryn Gries apologized after offending BB fans with her nasty racial slurs about other houseguests last season, but now she is the one pointing fingers.

Aaryn, known for remarking that Helen (Asian) should "go make rice," asking Candice (African-American) during a fight, when "is the black gonna come out?", and calling Andy (gay) a "queer," is apparently offended by Evander Holyfield's gay remarks while in the Celebrity Big Brother 20124 house. Holyfield said he believes being gay is a choice and can be fixed.

Aaryn spoke to TMZ (did she call them? did they call her? Either way, WTF?) about Holyfield's comments, saying:

"I know I said mean things, but at least I'm not ignorant enough to think that homosexuality is treatable. Seeing homosexuality as a sickness is outdated."

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