CBB 2014: Casey Batchelor's Mother Warns: 'Keep Away From Lee'

Celebrity Big  Brother Casey Batchelor's Mom
Casey Batchelor cries as her mom visits the CBB house
This week in the Celebrity Big Brother house, Big Brother is implementing the "freeze task," where housemates must freeze when they hear a clock chime. An intruder enters the house, usually a friend or relative of a housemate, and the celebrities can't speak to the person or they'll suffer the consequences.

On Monday's show, Casey Batchelor's mother entered the house, and as soon as she walked up to Casey, Casey began sobbing.

After her mom told her how proud she was, she offered her a warning about Lee Ryan: "Keep away from Lee."
"Honestly darling, he tells you one thing, and behind your back he tells housemates other things. And when he's in the diary room, he says you get on his tits and you won't leave him alone."
"He’s mugged you off darling. He 's mugged you off. But listen, I love you so much. Daddy says he loves you and he’s proud of you. Angel you’re doing really well but just keep away."
Of course Lee was evicted shortly thereafter, so that won't be a problem. For now.

After ripping Lee apart, Casey's mom thanked Jim for looking out for her daughter.

Watch Casey Batchelor's mom enter the Celebrity Big Brother 2014 house and warn her daughter about "love rat" Lee Ryan.

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