Survivor's Mike Skupin Called Out For Pyramid Scheme on TV

Survivor's Mike Skupin under fire for "pyramid scheme"
A FOX affiliate in Detroit recently busted Survivor's Mike Skupin for his involvement in an alleged pyramid scheme.

The investigative report segment focused on Skupin and his "financial sharing business," Pay it Forward.

The segment, titled "HALL OF SHAME," opens with:

"He's a TV star, a motivational speaker, an author, sure looks like he's a big time success...
"Now you can share in that success by putting money into his new business, but Rob Wolchek wants you to know the REALITY of this reality star's life, BEFORE you open your wallet."
The investigative reporter, Rob Wolchek, says he was contacted by fans of Skupin who thought, "this business looks shady." One fan invested into Skupin's pyramid scheme and says she never received any money back.

In the video below, Wolchek asks Skupin if his business is a Ponzi scheme. Mike just looks at him with a grin on his face and says nothing. When he asks about where Skupin's business is "registered," as he claims it is, Skupin tells him to, "do your research." And when he inquires about Mike's "compliance with the attorney general," he again answers, "do your research."

After grilling Mike until Mike walks away, the segment goes on to rip him for other things. Pretty much everything Mike Skupin is involved with. They even expose the fact that he hasn't made a mortgage payment in 18-months. His house was then sold at an auction, but they say Mike has refused to leave the premises. He's told the courts that he can't move because he has 7 children. Only problem is, the kids don't live there with him.

Also exposed was a lawsuit between Mike Skupin and an Elks Club golf course. Mike walked out on a $7,000 tab. They sued and won. And earlier this year, the IRS nailed Skupin with a $52,000 Tax Lien.

But wait, there's more.

Mike Skupin's ex-wife alleges he owes $8,000 in back child support, Wolchek also lays into him for having 7 children with 3 different wives, and Wolchek even shows screenshots of the National Enquirer's story on Mike hitting his ex-wife.

Egad. It goes on, and Wolchek's "ambush" style interview does not sit well with Skupin. It escalates and ends with Wolchek calling Mike a "bum," and a "loser."

"You are a loser, you were a loser on Survivor...and now you're using whatever fame you got from you can make money."

It's pretty intense. Watch the interview here and let me know what you think.

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