Survivor Season 28: Brawn, Brains, Beauty!

Survivor Season 28 Cagayan Brawn vs Brains vs Beauty
Survivor Season 28: Cagayan Logo [CBS]
After Sunday night's Survivor finale, Jeff Probst announced the spoilers for Season 28. For those of you who don't enjoy returning players, you should be very happy with the news.

Survivor: Cagayan 'Brawn vs. Brains vs. Beauty,' will be the theme of Survivor Season 28, and there will be NO returning players. An all-new Survivor cast is expected, and the premise of the new season will be similar to Big Brother's Season 11, when housemates were divided into groups of the 'popular', the 'athletes,' the 'off-beats,' and the 'brains.'

Expect Survivor Season 28, filmed in the Philippines, to air in February 2014.

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