Frank Eudy's Dad Sid Vicious Broke His Leg Like Anderson Silva

Sid Vicious Leg Break WWE 2001
Sid Vicious Leg Break
Everyone is talking about UFC 168 after this weekend's fights. Most notably, the fight between Anderson Silva and Chris Weidman, where Silva broke his leg while attempting to kick Weidman. Weidman blocked the kick and Silva's leg shattered. It was gnarly.

Big Brother fan Jason informed me on Twitter that Frank Eudy's dad, wrestler Sid Vicious, broke his leg in 2001 after jumping from the ropes. His break was equally as gnarly as Anderson Silva's.

Video of Sid's gruesome leg break:

Sid broke both the tibia and the fibula, and bones pierced through his skin. Sid had a 17" rod placed in his leg during surgery. Ouch!

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