Big Brother's Dr. Will Kirby on KTTV Doing Tattoo Removal

Big Brother Dr. Will Kirby Dr. Tattoff
Dr. Tattoff a.k.a. Dr. Will Kirby
Big Brother's Dr. Will Kirby, or Dr. Tattoff, as some may know him as, was on KTTV last week with a piece on, you guessed it, tattoo removal.

The segment, titled 'Mistakes of Our Youth,' shows Dr. Will Kirby doing actual tattoo removals, and explaining the process.

Removing tattoos is not cheap, expect to pay 10 times what you paid for the tattoo. The amount of appointments you will need depends on a couple different factors. Mainly the color of the tattoo ink, the location of the tattoo and the person's skin tone.

Check out former Big Brother winner Dr. Will Kirby on KTTV:

Los Angeles Local News | FOX 11 LA KTTV

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