Britney Haynes on Tilly's Cancer: It Never "Didn't Happen"

Britney Haynes Baby Tilly
Big Brother's Britney Haynes' baby Tilly
Britney Haynes updated her blog last week with news about daughter Tilly's prognosis, which is looking up. She also cleared up some confusion on Tilly's health.

"Cancer never 'didn’t happen.' You don’t go from having cancer to not having cancer overnight." - Britney Haynes

Earlier this month, Tilly's surgery at St. Jude's was deemed too risky for the benefits, so Britney and her family were able to return home, and were thankful to spend the holiday season there, rather than in ICU.

Britney says Tilly has completed chemo and doctors are optimistic about her future. However, she adds that the road ahead is still going to be tough. Tilly may have complications where her tumor was located.

In her blog, Britney also discussed "inaccuracies" about Tilly's health that have been floating around on the internet and in social media.
"Cancer never 'didn’t happen.' You don’t go from having cancer to not having cancer overnight. You don’t get to forget all about it and wake up the next day a totally normal person. At best, you get to be in one of various levels of remission. Don’t get me wrong, we were ecstatic to hear that she wasn’t having surgery and is moving onto the monitoring phase of her protocol, but like anyone who has had cancer or been close to a cancer patient knows, by no means is she done. I really struggle with how much information to share on the subject because I really don’t feel like it is mine to share. It is Tilly’s, and while she can’t say anything yet, I somehow doubt that if she could she would divulge all of the details. So I will just say this: she is doing incredibly well."
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