Big Brother Tweets Put To Pictures, 12/3

A couple of weeks ago I posted random Big Brother houseguest tweets (accompanied by random photos) and had you guess who said them. Well, here we go again.

I've compiled a handful of new tweets for you to try and decipher since I had so much fun making the last ones. Can you guess which former Big Brother houseguests said the following without doing a Twitter search?

Big Brother Cast LOL Tweets

1. "Because it was my birthday, I broke diet and spent  $30 at Taco Bell.... it was glorious."

Big Brother Cast On Twitter

2. "Some asshat  in the gym stinks like patchouli oil, hope they catch fire."

Big Brother Houseguest Funny Tweets

3. "I don't undersand (sp) what the difference between #BlackFriday and Boxing Day is? Same thing, isn't it?"

2013 Big Brother Tweets

4. "No... Don't mind me... Just over here dropping it like it's hot to "I'm a boss ass bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch bitch..."

Big Brother Funny Tweets From Houseguests

5. "One year ago today...I got my life back."

Can you guess who said what? I'll post the answers in the comments soon...

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