Flashback: Amazing Race 20, Rachel Reilly Won't Shave Her Head!

Rachel Reilly Amazing Race Shave Head
Rachel Reilly refuses to shave head on The Amazing Race
We're totally looking forward to seeing Rachel Reilly and Brendon Villegas on The Amazing Race Season 24, and we just know that Rachel especially won't disappoint.

Our favorite reality TV drama queen and her loyal hubby are back for another season, and if it's anything like the last time they were on, it will definitely be chock full of crazy moments.

Let's take a trip back to Amazing Race Season 20, the last time Brendon and Rachel were on. Remember the hair shaving task? Rachel refused to shave her head during a Fast Forward challenge, upsetting many fans of the show who thought she may have thrown away a million dollars.

It had been done on a past season, and that couple went on to win The Amazing Race.

"I don't want to shave my head," says Rachel with a whimper. "I paid $500 for extensions...I can't shave my head. I know another girl on another season did it, but she was really cute and skinny and pretty, and I need hair to be pretty."

Could YOU shave your head if you were on The Amazing Race, ladies?

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