Survivor's Colton Cumbie Attacks Kat Edorsson

Survivor's Colton Cumbie & Kat Edorsson Still Hate One Another
Survivor's Colton Cumbie always claims to want to change his ways, but will he ever? He blows up, then apologizes. Justifies himself, then then says he is trying to become a better person.

Well, tonight before the latest Survivor aired, Colton attacked Kat for some unknown reason, making really hurtful personal jabs.

Survivor's Colton Cumbie Bully
Colton Cumbie attacks Kat Edorsson
Kat's boyfriend, Big Brother winner & Survivor star Hayden Moss, responded to Colton, sticking up for his girlfriend.

Colton responded that he WILL (run his mouth). Kat did not respond. And good for her! Not worth a response.  Since the twitter fight Colton has deleted his tweets.

Are you like me, and ready to see Hayden own Colton at the Survivor finale? Let's hope it happens. Colton is the worst Survivor castaway EVER. Two-time quitter.

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