Reality Show Spoilers: Love Them Or Hate Them, They're Here To Stay

When are reality show spoilers fault of our own?
With the new The Amazing Race Season 24 All Stars cast spoilers, and photos backing them up, we won't have to wait until next year to find out who's been cast.

Ahhh, reality show spoilers.

It's difficult for fans of any reality show to use social media and NOT run into a spoiler here or there. It happens. Cast spoilers aren't any biggie, but GAME spoilers can suck. We've all run into a spoiler we didn't like, or one that may have ruined an episode or even a season for us. It's certainly not fun, but let's be honest, it's not always the internet's fault; sometimes it's our fault. And for people who take days/weeks or even months to watch a show (regardless of WHY) simply cannot get angry when they read something on the internet about it.

For example, I know it's not a reality show, but a couple weeks after Breaking Bad ended there was a mock funeral for Walter White in New Mexico. I'm sure you heard about it. A local news station here posted about it on Facebook and dozens of people lashed out saying they shouldn't have posted about the mock funeral because they hadn't watched Breaking Bad yet. They screamed, "Thanks for the spoilers, jerks!" Numerous people were even shocked & angry to learn that he died, even though he had terminal cancer. This blew my mind.

Reality Show Spoilers & TV Spoilers

On the other hand, we have people who love to live tweet reality show spoilers while watching with other fans (in real-time) in Twitterverse. Twitter, I think, is a place to avoid if you don't want spoilers. Straight up, stay OFF Twitter if you're on the west coast and your show is airing on the east coast, or if you don't want reality show spoilers of any kind.

Facebook, on the other hand, is an entirely different animal than Twitter. You probably shouldn't be posting reality show spoilers in real-time. It's not Twitter, it's less pop culture, more "me-culture," if ya dig. People expect to see other people's self indulgent posts and selfies.

Reality TV Spoilers Online
Spoiler Alert!
However, I have learned when it comes to sports, Facebook spoilers can be as bad as Twitter, so if you don't want to know the score of the game because you DVR'd it, do yourself a favor and unplug...from everything. (And don't read your text messages, either.)

So, reality TV fans, what do you think of spoilers? When are they the internet's fault, and when are they our own? 

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