Big Brother Canada's Liza Stinton Dishes on Aaryn Gries, Vegas

Liza Stinton Aaryn Gries Vegas Fight
Big Brother's Liza vs. Aaryn: What happened in Vegas?
Liza Stinton of Big Brother Canada talks about the Vegas bash and her feud with Aaryn Gries of Big Brother 15.

In an interview with fans, Liza discusses the Vegas finale party that everyone was buzzing about.

Liza says that houseguests from Big Brother Canada are pissed at her for her public fight with Aaryn, and it sounds like Robyn Kass is as well.

As Liza begins to dish, she interrupts the conversation by telling her hosts they should be tweeting to fans that she is about to spill the beans on the Vegas debacle...

Liza then continues, saying that she gave everyone a "clean slate" after their Big Brother appearance, and talks about who she loves from BB15 (everyone but Aaryn).
"Aaryn is behaving like a bad person. Do I think she's bad at the core? No. I don't think anybody is. I think I have to keep in mind that she is very young, and very ignorant."

Liza says Aaryn was a mean girl on the show, and is outside of the house as well. She says Aaryn is "unapologetic, unforgiving, nasty and mean."

Then Liza dishes on Vegas, and Aaryn...

Liza says it all started when she witnessed Aaryn screaming in Jessie's face. "There was evil in (her) eyes." She claims she doesn't know what Aaryn was saying, but that Aaryn was standing over Jessie, screaming until Jessie cried. Liza says she "doesn't know" if it was over Judd or not. She adds that anyone who could stand over someone like that in a "power position" and scream at them until they cry, can suck her d**k.

As for Aaryn saying that Liza hit on her at the Vegas finale party, and was rejected, Liza says no way. She's not into blondes, and is not attracted to Aaryn.

It continues, but I'm trying to keep this shorter than a novel. Heh.

Check out the video of Liza Stinton talking about Aaryn Gries and Las Vegas after the cut:

(Begin the interview at 07:00)

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