Brenchel: The Movie? Rachel Reilly Hints At Movie on Twitter

Big Brother Brenchel Movie Brendon Rachel
Brenchel Movie?!
Big Brother's Rachel Reilly made an interesting post on Twitter Wednesday morning, it read:
Obviously there aren't anymore details, so we can only wonder. Like, will Rachel and Brendon star in the movie, or will someone be portraying them? Is the movie about Brenchel, or is it just a movie they'll have a bit part in? Since Rachel is asking for title suggestions we can probably assume it's a movie about the reality TV couple. I guess we'll just have to stay tuned to find out...

UPDATE: Looks like Rachel was just playing - and it's not even April Fools...

UPDATE #2: Here's Brenchel's "movie" for ya, it's Amazing Race 24, heh. Rachel, you stinker!

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