Big Brother's Jeff & Jordan Go To Australia, Thanks to Ellen DeGeneres

Jeff Jordan of Big Brother Win Australia Trip From Ellen
Big Brother's Jeff and Jordan in September
Jeff and Jordan fans probably recall last January when the Big Brother couple were in the audience of The Ellen Degeneres Show and the entire audience won a trip to Australia. Well, Jeff and Jordan are finally taking the trip together.

This is possibly the worst video clip ever, quality-wise, but in it you can see Jeff & Jordan in the moment they win a trip to Australia.


Now, 10-months after winning the vacation, Jeff and Jordan are traveling in Australia.

Despite living on opposite coasts these days, Jeff and Jordan seem to still be a couple, but it appears it may be more of a platonic friendship than a romantic one. I could be wrong though, they still tell one another "I Love You."

Whether or not these two ever take their relationship to the next level or not, one thing is for sure, they will definitely be lifelong friends.

Nice Calvins, Jeff!

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