Big Brother: Helen Kim's Father Passed Away

Big Brother's Helen Kim Dad Died
BB15: Helen Kim's dad died this past weekend.
A very sad weekend for Big Brother 15's Helen Kim, she posted on Twitter Sunday morning that her father had passed away.

No word on the cause of death.

It was just a month ago that Helen went into detail about her father's tragic early life in North Korea. He was a survivor.

While doing an interview with Murtz, Helen spoke about Andy (winner of Big Brother 15) referring to her as "Kim Jong-il". She said her father lost his entire family in North Korea and it was hurtful for him to make such ignorant remarks. We learned a lot about Helen's dad in that interview.

"He (Andy) knows very well, my dad is a Korean war veteran. He served in the Korean War in 1950 - 1953. My dad lost his entire family in the war because of communism. My dad's originally from North Korea. He was able to escape to South Korea and serve in the South Korean army, ended up coming to United States and building a life for himself. But he lost his entire life. All his friends, all his family, everything."
Can you imagine? What a man.

I know how hard it is to lose a father. I wish Helen love, peace and strength during this difficult time. Rest in Peace, Papa Kim.

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