Big Brother Halloween Costumes: Trick or Treat!

Although I didn't see as many Instagram pics as I thought I would, some Big Brother stars did manage to take a photo of their Halloween costumes. I've compiled a handful for your viewing pleasure. (I included a few Survivor stars as well.)

Big Brother Halloween Costumes 2013
Hayden and Kat, making honey
Survivor/ Big Brother's Hayden and girlfriend Kat, also of Survivor. This cute couple (love them!) dressed as matching bees. Awhhhh. Yeah, these two are totally getting hitched.

See more Big Brother stars' costumes after the cut!

Big Brother Halloween Candice
Candice the cat
For a second this pic kinda looks nasty, heh. No, that's a tail. Big Brother's Candice went as a sexy cat for Halloween, and her friend is pinning her tail on.

Big Brother Costumes For Halloween
Suzette is a cat with a fish face.
Big Brother Canada's Suzette is a cat too. I think she's part cat/ part fish actually.

Big Brother Costume Halloween
Kaitlin, is a cat, or something.
I think Kaitlin is a cat too, but I'm not 100% on that. Her costume would have been better had she stuck a wire in that sad tail.

Big Brother Costume For Halloween
Danielle is a leopard
And yes, another cat, popular theme for the BB ladies. Danielle as a leopard.

Doris, the lunch lady
Big Brother Canada's Kat is Doris, the lunch lady with the best lunch lady body you ever saw.

Jen is Daisy
Jen Johnson wasn't just any old roaring 20s, she's Daisy Buchanan of The Great Gatsby. I'm surprised that Jen can pull off the platinum, she looks great!

Matt and the hotties
Matt is a jester...court jester?

Halloween Big Brother Style
Natalie and baby
Natalie is a cyclops monster rainbow explosion (???) and her son is all like, "Tada!"

Big Brother Jordan Lloyd Halloween
A nerd's dream.
Big Brother's Jordan went as a geek/ nerd. But c'MON, Jordan, you could never, ever look anything but fricking adorable.

Big Brother Unitard Costume Halloween
The "humilitard" lives!
Jordan's mom? Oh, she just went as Jordan.

Big Brother Halloween Costumes
James Rhine didn't dress up. Or did he?

Eliza meets Coco, is super hung.
BEST costume is going to Survivor's Eliza Orlins. Can you guess who she is? If not, scroll to the bottom and find out! I want you to try and guess though, it is fricking hysterical!

Big Brother Parker Delon Hungover
Parker...wake up.
And finally, I have no idea what Parker was for Halloween, but we do know he is one hungover mofo this morning.

 Hope you all had a safe & fun Halloween!

(Answer: Eliza Orlins is Anthony Weiner! Brilliant!)

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