Dan Gheesling Responds To Amanda Zuckerman

Dan Gheesling Amanda Zuckerman Twitter Fight
Dan Gheesling responds to Amanda Zuckerman
A few days back I posted about Big Brother's Amanda Zuckerman, and how she was mega pissed at Dan Gheesling because of the tweets he wrote about her while she was in the house.

 A fan of Amanda's apparently compiled a massive stack of Dan's tweets about Amanda, then, for some unknown reason, forwarded them on to her so she could read them. Amanda then reposted them for Dan, and everyone, to see, and asked, "And I was the bully?"

 Dan responded to Amanda on YouTube and somehow I missed it, thanks to Sandy A. for sending this to me.

In a 2-minute video titled, "Conversation on Twitter," Dan responds to Amanda. He says exactly what I say in my original blog. Big Brother is a game, and like any sporting event, we all get caught up in the game, talk smack, and cheer on our favorites. Big Brother is no different.


Are you Team Dan or Team Amanda?

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