Big Brother Andy Herren: Drunken Mess, Says "Date"

Big Brother Andy Herren Drunk
Big Brother Andy's Drunken Night Out Leaves His "Date" Worried

 Amanda Zuckerman has responded to these allegations by "Chris," saying they are false. She says she spoke with Andy and he is upset by what this guy has said.

"I just got off the phone with Andy, and he's out at a friends bday party, very upset. So I hope that liar is happy." -Amanda

UPDATE 2: It's looking like this guy is a sham, his profile pic is of another person named Carter. Thank Ian and Shawn for doing the detective work.

UPDATE 3: Then there's THIS TWEET from Chris, showing an alleged Direct Message from Andy tonight, 11/23. (But I hear "Chris" does not follow Andy on Twitter, so how could Andy DM him?)  However, Ed B. says this was not photoshopped, while others have disagreed.


A man who goes by the Twitter handle of @chrisk_allday posted on Twitter that he had a date with Big Brother winner Andy Herren in Chicago recently and that it went bad. Very bad.

Chris claims he is not a Big Brother fan and had no idea who Andy Herren was when he met him on Grindr.

"I didn't know this at the time but it was Andy from Big Brother 15," he wrote.

 Chris says he and Andy talked, exchanged nude pics, and decided to meet at The Closet on Broadway.

Chris says when they met he realized Andy's profile pictures "didn't exactly show the 'true' him." He also said Andy was "wasn't very well-dressed" in gray pants and a t-shirt.

Andy, according to Chris, was already buzzing slightly when they met up, and he says Andy hit the drinks hard. Andy seemed bothered that Chris didn't know who he was.
After my first drink, he started asking why I didn't recognize him from Big Brother. I told him I didn't really watch the show, and he proceeded to tell me that he won this past season, and that he was pretty much the star. He made it seem like he had fans and supporters and was recognized everywhere he went. One guy did come up to him and say "hi" while we were there.  
He said he would have won an extra $20 thousand prize if it weren't rigged for some girl named Elise or something and that he couldn't believe what a fake piece of trash she was. You could tell he really disliked her and it got under his skin that she was well liked by the public. He went on to say she married some old man for money. He kept repeating that he was the star and controlled the entire show and that's why he won the money. I was pretty put-off by his ego.

As the night continued he says Andy drank heavily. Andy told Chris he never realized how hard the show would impact his life.

"...He was being called a rat and that it really hurt his feelings to go online and see all of the negativity about him. He admitted he had said things about this Elise ladys son and it made the fans of the show mad. When I asked why, he said she had "some ugly retard kid" (his words, not mine) and he doesn't get why fans care anyway. He said he didn't realize what a big impact it would have on him before he did the show."

Chris goes on to say he regrettably made out with Andy, and he was not into it at all. He also says Andy got so drunk he couldn't get himself home. He also vomited on himself.

"He smelled of alcohol and his personality just didn't really mesh with mine at all...At this point, I wanted to end the date but he was too drunk to make it home. I had to help him... Halfway there he puked all over himself and seemed to think it was funny. His roommate was nice enough to get him in. He was nice, and apologized for Andy being this way."

Chris says after meeting Andy he went home and Googled him. Then he understood why Andy was having such a hard time. Chris says he feels bad for Andy and that he thinks the show affected him in a negative way. He says he worries for Andy's well being.

"I had a guy contact me that knows him and he said winning this show was the worst thing to happen to Andy. He's turned into an arrogant asshole that is drunk every day. When I saw Dr.Phil with Todd from the show Survivor I saw Andy one year down the road, so I thought telling my story might warn others and encourage him to seek help."

Read Chris' entire post about his date with Andy Herren here. You can follow Chris on Twitter here.

I'm not sure what to think about this one, Big Brother fans, what do you think? Do you believe Chris, or is it simply mudslinging?

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