Big Brother: Is the Amanda, Elissa Fight Over?

Big Brother 15 Amanda Elissa Fight
Are Amanda and Elissa burying the hatchet?
It's been more than a month since Big Brother 15 has ended and Amanda and Elissa are still not on talking terms.

On Monday Amanda tried changing that.

Amanda tweeted Elissa Monday morning, calling for somewhat of a truce. She wrote, "@ElissaReillyS I'm ready to talk whenever you are."

Shortly after, Amanda posted another tweet: "My hopes are to rid the hate and have all of us be friends and move forward. We all shared a special experience, and are bonded for that."

When a Big Brother fan asked Amanda why she didn't DM Elissa privately, Amanda responded it's because Elissa has her blocked.

Elissa has not responded.

Do you think Amanda and Elissa will end their fight and begin a new friendship?

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