GinaMarie Not Too Happy About Wil Heuser's Video Featuring Nick

Nick makes fun of his relationship with GinaMarie
Big Brother 15's Nick Uhas met up with BB14's Wil Heuser and made another Big Brother: The Saga video.

And you thought it was over. As someone recently said on Facebook, "BB15, the gift that keeps on giving!" Heh.

Wil and Nick teamed up for one last BB15 video, and in it they poke fun at GinaMarie's obsession with Nick.

GinaMarie, who is heartbroken about things not working out between her and Nick, wasn't very happy about the video. She didn't find it funny and says she was hurt by it.
In the video Wil Heuser plays Barbara Walters (quite well I might add), who is talking about GinaMarie and Nick's showmance. Wil jokes about Nick having to go into the Witness Protection program. Nick makes his appearance at the end of the video, knocking out Wil.
McCrae offered GM some words of encouragement:

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