Big Brother's Amanda Zuckerman and Dan Gheesling Aren't Exactly BFFs

Amanda Zuckerman Dan Gheesling Fight Twitter
Amanda calls out Dan for tweets he posted during the game
Big Brother 15's Amanda Zuckerman is steaming mad at Dan Gheesling after one of her fangirls sent her all the disparaging tweets Dan wrote about her while in the house.

Cripes, that must have taken forever to compile.

Anyhow, Amanda read the tweets and immediately called Dan out on Twitter, saying: "Just got sent all of @DanGheesling's tweets about me over the summer. #talkaboutobsessed #knowsnothing #embarrassedieverlikedhim #loser"

Then Amanda posted a collage of screenshots, tweets written by Dan. She asked, "....and I was the bully?"

Then she tweeted Dan directly. "I mean I'm sorry if you disagree, but @DanGheesling you didn't give me a Chance from the beginning. It's weird?"

"@starwart1 @DanGheesling He's one of BB's best, Just weird he attacked me all season and didn't even watch the feeds."

Dan has not responded, at least not publicly, but I'm sure he's feeling the heat of the 'McCranda Mafia'.

In Dan's defense, watching the game of Big Brother is like watching a race, or a sporting event. You pick your favorites and you smack talk the other team in the heat of the moment. You hate the guy on the other team who just face-masked your quarterback, taunted your favorite player or did a victory dance in the end zone. You hate him! But when the game is over, do you hate the guy personally? No. (At least if you're sane.)

It's all part of the game. I don't think it means Dan really hates Amanda, she was simply a powerful force in the house, and a damn good player, so I think some Big Brother fans wanted to see someone outsmart her, outplay her, because, duh, it makes for a good game.

During the game, emotions are running high in the Big Brother house, and outside of the house as well. Big Brother houseguests apologize for their actions while in the house at times because it's "gameplay," but I think those watching the game, and commenting about it on social media, are almost involved in their own game of Big Brother, participating from the sidelines. Things they say during the game aren't things that should carry over to after the game has ended. Fans have their own "gameplay," and like Big Brother houseguests, this gameplay should end once the show is over.

All is fair in Big Brother, and things get nasty during the game - again, inside AND outside of the house. But after the season is over, people need to let any ill will go.
The game is over.

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