Survivor Season 27 Episode 4 Preview Video

Survivor Season 27 Episode 4
Preview Survivor Season 27's Episode 4
This week on Survivor, CBS and Probst promise us TWO Shocking Survivor Firsts.
"No Rules, No Shame."

"Well, that was one of the biggest shifts of power that has ever happened at Tribal Council." - Jeff Probst

See the sneak peek after the cut:

And get an even better preview of this week's Survivor Season 27 Episode 4, 'One Armed Dude and Three Moms,' here:


In this preview we see Tyson and Gervase sneaking coconuts, opening them a different way than everyone else so no one will know they are eating them. Tyson says he can't wait for everyone to discover the empty coconuts.

Tune into Survivor Season 27 Episode 4 on Wednesday at 8/7c only on CBS!

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