Survivor's Brad Culpepper, Love Him Or Hate Him?

Survivor Season 27 Brad Culpepper
Controversial Culpepper
One thing is for certain, Survivor's Brad Culpepper is no wallflower.

The former NFL star has played the game harder and faster than the other castaways, making him a target from the very get-go. The moment the castaways walked onto the beach to meet Jeff Probst Culpepper made himself a major target by saying he'd want to help his wife if she were on the other tribe.

And though he's had a major role in voting out the first few Survivor hopefuls, Culpepper's time ran out, thanks to his mouth. He's just not very good at arguing. I don't think he'll do well on Redemption Island either. Puzzles are probably not his forte.

However, in this preview of Wednesday's episode, Brad Culpepper appears to get a lifeline ... from his wife, Monica. She wants to take his place on Redemption Island. Smart move? For them, absolutely. Monica has a better chance at surviving on Redemption Island, but that doesn't mean Brad won't be the next castaway to join her.

Survivor fans seem to either love or hate Brad Culpepper, where do you stand?

Love or Hate Culpepper?

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