Colton QUITS Survivor Again, Faked Appendicitis on One World

Survivor 27 Colton Cumbie Quitter
Colton Cumbie, Survivor's Only Two-Time Quitter
Last night's Survivor proved, once again, what a pain in the ass Colton Cumbie is.

Most were hoping to see Colton redeem himself during his second season on the show, and at first it seemed that was going to happen.

But it was all an act.

By episode 2 it was apparent that Colton Cumbie hasn't changed a bit. He's still whiny, bitchy, self important and snotty.

Oh yeah, he's a quitter too.

While a gazillion Survivor fans would love a shot at competing for $1 MILLION, It's just too much work, and too large a commitment for Colton.

On Thursday's Survivor, Colton played the drama queen and wanted to make a big ol' dramatic exit. So when a bitchfight involving Tyson, 'Culpepper,' and Marissa broke out at Redemption Island, Colton made it all about himself by fake crying.

Colton Cumbie Quits Survivor Again
Survivor's Colton Cumbie quits again
Jeff asked him, "Now Colton, you're crying. What are YOU crying about?"

Colton Cumbie: "I don't want to be here all. And I'm sorry..."

Jeff Probst: "Meaning what? Meaning, you're QUITTING, again?"

Colton Cumbie: "...I can't do this."

Jeff Probst: "So, Colton, you came back for a second time 'cause you said, 'I changed. I've grown, and I wanna show everybody.' You're now doing the exact opposite."

Colton Cumbie: "I don't care about this tribe."

Jeff Probst: "Well, that's clear because you're punishing them by costing them a tribe member in a game about numbers which ultimately you may merge."

Colton Cumbie: "Maybe that's the best move...for me."

Jeff Probst: "A very selfish move."

Colton Cumbie: "Well.."

Jeff Probst: "Admittedly? A very selfish move?"

Colton Cumbie: "Well, admittedly. But maybe it's the best one for me."

Jeff Probst: "What is it that's happened on your tribe that's forcing you to quit, for what I can confirm, for myself, is a second time. The first time you feigned an appendicitis. Turns out, you didn't have it. You wanna OWN that one NOW? 

Colton Cumbie: "I don't know what it was, I mean, I was treated for a bacterial infection.You know, people can say until the cows come home, I quit. My back's against the wall, and when my back is against the wall in this game I turn into the person I was in One World. And I don't wanna be that person. I'm tired of being hated by everybody. I'm tired of being..."

Tyson joins in. "You turned into that person before your back was against a wall." Tina pipes in as well. "Colton's having a hard time because we're not playing Colton's game. And now he knows, he can't win the game."

Jeff Probst: "Is that how it goes, Colton? If things don't go your way, let's just stop?"

Colton Cumbie: "I don't know....maybe...I don't know."

Jeff Probst: "So, Colton, are you quitting this game?"

Colton Cumbie: "Yes."

Then Jeff talks with Colton's boyfriend, Caleb. Caleb says he can't believe Colton is quitting because he loves the game. Jeff says he is convinced Colton is one of those people who never should have gotten off the couch for the game (burn!) and once a quitter, always a quitter.

Colton storms off the Redemption Island set like a toddler denied candy. Good riddance!

Is anyone shocked? Pffft... 

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